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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey everyone!
Wow things sound pretty busy and carzy there! i still dont quite understand why dallin thought that ranch and bacon flavored soda would be good, but maybe when i return i will try some! haha this week was pretty good! we had 4 of our investigators attend church and one that was waiting for us to come get him, but he didnt answer his phone so we didnt go get him! we also have 2 people that might be baptized this saturday, but there is a chance that they will be leaving out of town on friday so I will let you know how it goes!

There were a couple of questions about what i do on p-day, so here it is. sadly it is a mission rule that we cant play b-ball or soccer! it sucks but most p days we play ping pong at the chapel! it pretty fun because my comp is actually pretty good! we can play football catch but not the game of football which is pretty sad! i guess you could say my mission pres. is pretty strict, but so many missionaies got hurt playing sport that now it is a rule! :( oh and today me and my comp are going to visit a family of investigators and they are going to teach us how to make pastires and things like that! the 2 children of the family might get baptized this saturday, but the mom and dad aren´t married and so they cant get married for another 3 weeks or so!

Anyways i dont have much time today because i have to take this survey, but just know that im doing good, and the work is really progressing! the hardest part right now is those investigators that have baptism dates miss church one week or have a smoke on day and it really hard, but i know if i can keep up a good spirit and rely on the lord, blessings will come and great things will happen!!! love you all and thanks for all the prayers and love you sen from the great white north!!!! :)
Love Elder Taysom

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  1. Hey Elder Taysom
    It's great to hear how you are doing and that the work is doing well. Becca wants to know how the language is coming and if you like teaching? Charlie wants to know if there are a lot of trees ? Tom wants to know if there are Monkeys?