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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!

It sounds like life is just buzzing along up there! Hope all is well with Nanny and that she heals fast! This week was a good week! we had the baptism of A and i got to baptize and girl from the branch! Its actually kind of funny that you asked about my camera, because i kind of fixed it with some duct-tape, and was able to take some pictures before the baptisms, but after i baptized A, i felt somthing in my pocket and i was my camera! haha now it is broken for good! haha but im in the process of  buying another one! its just another hazard of the mission i guess! haha

Oh and i am not leaving my area!! im so excited! it is truely a miracle! everyone in my zone was sure i was going to leave because after you training is done, the new missionary and the trainer always seperate! i was praying really hard the whole week that i wouldn´t leave and i fasted last saturday, and my prayers where awsnered!! im so excited because we are having alot of success in this area! we have 2 families getting married this week and thier baptisms and the following week! we also have alot of investigators keeping their commitments! One funny story is that we have and investigator that smokes! he has a plan to quit and he has been following it. the economy here is pretty bad right now and he had to spend his money on food and he didnt have enough left to buy some smokes! haha its funny how the lord works to help his children overcome thier addictions!

To awnser some on moms questions, i havent recived the package yet, but probably the next week i will. no i have not been hurt or sick ( im pretty lucky) yes we exercise every morining, but it is mostly sit-ups and push-ups. I have lost a little bit of wait, well like when i left the mtc i was 100 kilos ( not sure how many pounds but i think like 200) and now im about 78 kilos ( about 156 pounds) haha. my belts are down to the lats hole! haha how funny!

Anyway got to go but thanks so much for all of your prayers and your love for me and my investigators. we can really feel your prayers and your love!!! Love you all!!!

Elder taysom

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