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Monday, March 3, 2014

Hola everyone!!!
All sound good and well up there and aunt Joan tells me that it was like in the 70´s or so up there! its alittle hotter down here, but it is starting to cool off which is good! WOW that is so awesome that ryan is serving in argentina, tell him to send me and e-mail and i can answer his questoins! thanks for letting me know, if you guys find out where other of my friends are going, let me know to! Im really sorry, but today is a holiday, and the normal tienda we use is closed, so we are at a different one and this computer doesnt have a slot to put my memory card in! :(

This week was an ok week! we didnt find as many new investigators as we wanted, but we did have the wedding of the L family! it was so cool to see an agrentine wedding! actualy because not very many people get married in argentina, the weddings are very simple and last about 15 mins! haha it is like they want to get in and out at fast a possible! haha but i am so glad that they are progressing well and have made the choice to be baptized, they only problem is that the dad had to go to work on sunday and only 2 of the children came to church, so now they have to get baptized the following week! it is really frustrating when an investigator misses church, because their baptism always gets push back a week! Oh on a kind of cool note, Diego (one of the kids in the L family) just turned 14 on friday! he is only 6 days older than dallin!! its cool to thinks that some one thousands of miles away is accepting the gosple and taking the steps to recieve the preistood, just like dal!

Also our old investigator A, who was baptized, recieved the preistood this past sunday and he can pass the sacrament next sunday! it´s so cool to see A make these steps in his life, because before he had problems with smoking and drugs and didnt have a very happy life! now he has lots of freinds in the branch with the same values and it is just way cool to see how the gospel blesses the lives of the people that we teach!

So ya, all is well here and we are just working hard to get some new investigators and progress them to baptism! I so wish i could send you guys some pics, but next week for sure i will send some! Thanks for all your prayers and love for me and my comp. and our investigators! We can really feel all your love from the great white north!! Love you all so much and miss you too!!
Love Elder Taysom
Ps: i still haven´t recived my package, but i probably will tomarrow!!

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