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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Im glad things are going good up there! its sounds busy, but i guess that is life right! thanks for all the questions that you wrote that i can respond to! it makes writing alot easier!! Also i recivied my package last tuesday! it was awesome, thanks so much for the cool stuff you sent me and the food! tell the ward thanks for me too! thanks for the net to! sadly it is no longer summer here and the bugs have all died, but i will surley use it next summer!!

This week has been pretty good! we have been working alot with A ( our recent convert) and have some good sucess! we realized that our investigators want to be baptized, but they dont have a real storng conversion or testomony! as missionaries we dont like this because it probably means that they will beccome less active after we leave! it was a problem for me and my comp. so this past week we really worked hard to progress our investigators, not to baptism, but to real conversion! it was great! they still all have dates for baptism, but now they are starting to gain testomonies!! its a great lesson for me to learn in my mission! somtimes we just push for baptism and not for true conversion! i thinks thats what happens alot here in this area! for example there are 635 members of the curch here in Trenque Lauqen, but only 80 are active! so we are really trying for real conversion, not just baptism, and it is going really well!

Unfortunatly, our zone is not doing so well! my and elder ayala are the only comps. in the zone that have people with dates for baptism, and the only that have people comming to church! but i hope that this past week was just a bad week and that all will be well from now on!!

so ya thats how im doing! to awnswer some of your questions, my normal day is 630 wake up, 700-800 exercice, 8-11 study,11-12 or so is lunch, and 1-9 is work! that is the normal day! no i havent been sick yet, and im eating well! I do like rice now, and it is even better with ketchup! i havent eaten anything wierd, but some peolpe in my zone ate and armadillo the other day! haha they said it tasted like turkey, it has dark meat and white meat just like a turkey which is kind of wierd!
Any way i got to send some pics, but just know i love you all and i can really feel all your love and prayers for me!!!

Love elder taysom

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