Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey everyone,

Things sound pretty good up there! Thanks for all your comments and prayers for the L fam. They help alot! It was awesome to here about your missionary experiances dad and to see old Brown in her old glory! Haha

This week was pretty good! We found some good new investigators and had some good lessons! And we walked alot! The L family left town for a few days so we didnt get to meet with them much, but we have a lesson with them today and we hope to resolve thier concerns and doubts. I sure it all goes well and we can resolve thier doubt about tithing! Also we have transfers this week so next Monday i might be writing you guys from a new area, well there is a really good chance, because the ass. To the pres. called elder ayala and asked how he would feel about having 4 sister missionaries in my area and moving out 2 elders! But ill let you know! The misiĆ³n is just buzzing right along and we are doing good!

Today im on a fast computer so i have time to send photos which im way happy about! And im also way excited for general conference! We get to watch all the sessions but not preisthood becuase it start at like 9 at night here! Im kind of bummed but way excited to here conference! It might be allittle hard for me to understand becuase it is translated in spanish in real time, but im still excited!

Thanks for all your prayers and love for me and my investigators! We can feel your love and it really helps the work progress! If you have any questions write me an ill answer them!! Love you all!

Elder taysom!

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