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Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey Everyone!
Things sound like they are going good up there! Things have change alittle bit for me down here! Im still in Trenque Lauqen, but i have a new comp. Elder Macarther from Utah! And i changed areas! In Trenque Lauqen there is 2 comps. Trenque Lauqen A and Trenque Lauqen B. i moved from B to A. normally this isnt a big deal, but all my investigators are from T.L. B. so now i dont teach the L Fam, or any others. They belong to my old comp and his new comp. The Elders before us didnt have much sucess and left us with only 2 investigators! Im alittle sad that i wont get to teach the L fam any more, but i know they will accept the góspel and progress to baptism! And i think i will be in Trenque Lauqen to see it, even if im not one of the missionaries who baptized them! Im very excited to work with my new comp. He seems like a real good guy! I know its going to be difficult but im excited for the challange!

Oh and i have a Little bit of sad news! I cant recieve packages anymore! Its to expensive for the misión! But thats ok you can give me alot of stuff when i come home!!! And yes i can get videos! I dont have any dog stories in particular, but there is just alot of dogs, i use my dazer sometimes, but if i forget it it works just as well to bend down and pick up a rock! They think i am going to through it at them and they run away! And as for miricles there has been a ton! Just the fact that we consistantly have 6-8 investigadors at church every Sunday is a huge miricle! It is unheard of to have that many investigators at church!! I will try to look for specific miricles to write about next week!! I hope this answered your questions! Keep sending me them i love to answer them!

Well thanks for all your prayers and love and know that i can feel them and my invesigators can feel them too!!

Love elder Taysom

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