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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Happy Easter! sounds like you guys had an awesome time up there! this week was an ok week! we found some awesome new investigadors, and we contacted a ton! its hard when we were only left with 2 investigadors and they weren´t progressing that well! but i know through hard work and dedication we are going to start having some real sucess! no news on the lobosco fam, but 2 investigators of mine are getting baptised on saturday! im so happy i got to teach them and progress the to baptism! its hard becuase i taught them for like 3 months, and now there getting baptized, but at least ill get to see it! Its kind of wierd here becuase easter is kind of big, but at the same time small! down here it is like thier fall break, so they dont have school all week for semana santa! everybody say´s happy easter, but there is no decorations or anything! they do have chocolate eggs, but you only give one to a person and thats it! there is no easter bunny in all of south america! there is 2 elders in our house from colombia and chile, and they had never heard of an easter bunny! and no there is no easter cow tampoco! but the catholic church does like a huge parade where everyone just walks behind a big cross with a little doll of jesus on it! it was really weird! but in big cities, people actually act out the crusifiction of christ, with real people and everything! its crazy and i thought it a bit more disrespectful that like showing respect for christ! but i guess that is just the culture down here! 

To answer some of your questions, yes there is toilet paper and you can flush it, but we just use the badea ( i have no idea how to spell the thing that shoots water up to clean your bum). after about 3 months i got used to using it and now i use it every day! i like it more than toilet paper now! haha i dont know if i have eaten anything wierd yet, but me and elder mcarthur ate some sushi this week and it was very good! He had the california roll, and i got the sweet roll! it was awesome! i loved the videos you sent, but cam´s wisdom teeth one had no sound and i dont what happened? im sure it was way funny!

Well i got to go, but thanks for all your love and prayers for me and my investigators!!! we can feel it!

Love Elder Taysom

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