Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Wow things sound pretty crazy up there! i loved the pics at the live stock show! they were awesome! man those were good times at the live stock show! haha this week was an ok week for us. well yesterday your our outside gate door broke and we couldnt get in to our house so we were stuck outside for like 3 1/2 hours! we couldnt go work either becuase we were in normal cloths because we were painting a school! we didnt have keys to the garage because we dont have a car so we tried to yell for our neighbors but no one heard us! finally we got the cell number of one of our neighbors and called him and he left work and let us in through the garage door! haha it was crazy!

This week we were working really hard with and investigator named L! she is a really good person and we are trying to get her to quit smoking so she can get baptized! the only problem is that she doesnt want to go to church on sunday because she says her back hurts! she was in an accident about 6 year ago and her back has been destroyed! she cant sit in cars or ride bikes so she has to walk everywhere, and the walk to church hurts her back alot. she was does not want to come to church! its hard but i think with some faith and some good friends in the church she will start to come! we have also found some good new investigators! one is a tattoo artist and he let me hold his tattoo pen, it was pretty cool, but now we have to teach that tattoo´s are bad. that is going to be interesting! haha

To answer some of your questions yes i can print of papers, and i can skype any time you guys want.Write me this week and i will respond with an answer! and im feeling great, not sick anymore! And the lord is really helping us, we find new and prepared people everyday! we can really feel your prayers! thanks for all the love an support from home! love and miss you all!

Elder Taysom

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