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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Dal´s pig is looking pretty good from what i can see! and i like the little dance the cam was doing! i think i might try out some of those moves when i feel like dancing!

This week was slow but good. well i was sick for 2 days which kind of sucked, but all is good now! i think i had the 24 hour flu, but i was vomiting and using the bathroom alot and the whole 9 yards, so Hermana Perreño sent me to the doctor and they gave me a shot! i think it was border like breaking the law of chastity because the doctor was a girl and she gave me the shot on my bum! that wasnt that bad, but after the shot, she gave me alittle smack, right on my bare bum! it was crazy, but ive repented and were all good now!! haha

we did alot of contacting this week, but none of which progressed into real investigators. it was a tought first week and it was hard to transition from having 5 or so investigators at church every week to none! but its like when i arrived in trenque lauqen, we had none, and after about 2 or 3 months of hard work, we had some success. we just need to do some good hard work for the next few week and we will see some miricle! like when the sons of mosiah were thrown in prision and beaten and stuff like that. the lord said to be "diligent in your afflictions and i will establish my church by your hand", and then they baptised a ton of laminites! im just waiting to baptise a lot of "laminities" haha i went kind of missionary mode on you there, sorry but it was kind of fun!

Ya my new comp is from pleseant grove! he has a year and 3 months in the mission, but im the senior comp. not quite sure why because he is a good guy, but i thinks it is because my spanish is better then his. he has a tough time with it, his grammer is great, but the people cant understand what he says. haha its kind of funny! we get along real well and he is a good guy! im not sure about letters, but ill ask and write you next week! oh i just got dads letter! ill right more next week! thanks for everything!!

Love you all!!

Elder taysom!

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