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Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing! the past week sounded pretty good for you guys! Aunt hydie sent some pics to me of when i was a baby, and man was i a cute kid! Anyway, im going to try really hard to get some pics to you guys, but remember that im in argentina, and the technology here is alot different than up there in the great white north! it is alot slower to send pics! i´m happy you got the pic i sent, i took about 30 min to load on to the computer! haha it is crazy, but all part of the wonderfulo land of Argentina! This past week was pretty good! we had a multi-zone conference in Bahia Blanca which was good! An elder avila came to speak to us and it was a good experiace! I also found out why my package took so long to get here! mom accidentally wrote Bajia Blanca, not Bahia blanca! haha so funny and all the elders in my house laughed!! haha

This week for me was awesome. this saturday is the baptism of the L family!!!!! all 5 of them!!! im so excited! we finally found what there doubt was and answered it with the spirit!!! they are very excited too! they have alot of interest in temples and having an eternal family!! im so excited that they gained a testomony of the gospel and chose to be baptsized! we are having alot of success with them, but are other investiagors are starting to not keep their commitments and starting to regress! it is kind of frustrating! when we focus alot of effort on some investigators, our strong investigators start to fall! But i know that if we have faith, they will begin to see that the gospel is a huge blessing in their lives!!

To answer a couple of questions, we leave the house about 11 in the morning to work and come back about 12:30 for lunch, then we leave about 1:30 to work and come back about 9 at night. from 8 to 11 in the morning is personal study, comp. study, language study! the weather is starting to get a little chilly, but im excited for it! and for service we do all kinds of stuff, most recently we painted a house! anyway i got to go, but know that i can feel all your love and prayers for me and my investigators, and your prayers are being answered!!

Love you all!!

Elder Taysom

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