Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey everyone!

Things sounds like they are going well! haha right now im writing and im with a member/ convert that we baptized a few months ago, and i was showing him pictures of the fam! i dont want to be mean or anything, but he said that i look like tanners twin just skinnier with less muscles! but that will change!

This last week was good. we were going to have the baptism of Axel ( the son of jorge who was baptized last week) but he went to the beach last week and got sunned burned, but bad. he couldnt put a shirt on so he didnt come to church! but we are planning that he will get baptized this week! please pray for him! we are teaching a lot, but we dont have anyone solid for this next week, but we have some people progressing well!! Im growing everyday spiritually and just loving serving the lord and his children!

This past week was cool, i dont think anything weird happened, i traveled alot and just worked! today is the birthday of the member im with, so we are going to go to a restaurant and party, but within the missionary rules! but ya just know i love you all and that im just loving being a missionary! thanks for all your love and support and prayers! love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Taysom

ps. the picture is of a "hamburpizza", its a hamburger the size of a pizza! not very healthy!!

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