Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not writing in the morning, things got complicated in the morning, but now im here. things sound like they are going good! i like the pic of bro lukengue! its way funny.

This week was good, but we need to buckle down alittle more! we spent alot of time outside the area, and that might have hurt us alittle becuse only 2 people came to church with us. but we should have some more time in our own area to get more people out to church! We are working with a couple great investigadors! we hope they will progress well and that all goes well with them.

Im doing well and im doing great with my comp., he is a stud and we love it together! he is trying to get me to go to byu, but ill have to see how that goes! haha but all is well, to answer some questions im doing well on pants but i could use a pair. i think the easiest way is to just put money on my own card and ill buy some here. if you could let me now next week how much money i have on there that would be sweet! well i love you all, thanks for all you do and for your prayers and love! love you all!!! 

Love Elder taysom

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