Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you guys! Thanks so much for all the cards that i got! haha they were awesome, and everyone in my zone thinks im way popular! haha It was nice to here from all of you and see how your doing! things sound like they are going pretty good up there, and it looks hot! But you all look good and tan!

This week was pretty good for us! but it rained sunday in the morning, so only one of our investigators came to church! E and Gare doing great, and E was able to recieve and answer to his prayers that the book of mormon is true! he accepted a babtism date for the 12 of july! it was a huge testimony builder to know that if someone really does search the truth with all thier heart, might mind and strength, then He will give them an answer! C´s husband still is skeptical, but has commited to come to church! And we found a new family of 6 that we are teaching now! ill let you know how they are comming next week, but they seem pretty prepared to accept the gospel! 

Oh and that is the last time i send you guys picks of the appartment! haha we spent like 3 hours trying to srub that stuff, but it is so humid here, that is just wont come off! every house in argentina has that stuff in there bathroom! But it´s not mold or anything, it is just moisture, and we have repainted the bathroom, 2 times! the humitity is a killer! Yes, we have a frigde, but the power went out here for like 3 days last week, and when it came back on, our fridge broke, but it is getting fixed now! Haha Argentina is the best! anyway i got to go, but i love you all and am so greatful for you love and prayers! 

Love Elder Taysom

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