Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like everything is going good up there! Tan almost looks as good as me with his braces off! haha and i dont think i believe that mom got over a ten foot wall, but it could have happened, after all i do believe in miracles! haha love you mom!!! :)

This week was a good week! we found some really great people. E and G are progressing along great, but sadly they didnt come to church! E´s dad came into town saturday and they spent the day with him! but they said they are going to come next week which is good! And C (who is the mom of the girl we baptized about 3 weeks ago) still comes to church every sunday, but her husband still doesnt want to get married! it is sad, but we keep praying everyday! We just keep working and we know the blessing will come! for us and for our investigadors!

To answer some questions, yes i use my sleeping bag and my coat, and they do keep me warm for the most part, but unfortunatly winter just started 2 days ago, so we still have some pretty cold day´s ahead of us! Oh and it is soo cool down here becuase of the World Cup! When Argentina is plyaing, no one will talk with us, and i mean no one! haha so we walk around and sometime the members let us in, but just cause it is cold outside, and they watch the game while we talk about argentina and stuff! haha but i love it! well i got to go, but thanks for everything and i love and miss you all! 

Elder Taysom


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