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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey everyone

Wow things sound like they are going good! i loved the pics you sent! haha tanner im sorry but your going to have to get a little bigger if you want to beat me in an arm wrestle! haha Im way happy to hear Weston is getting better! And that it awesome to hear that dal played the piano for the baptism! tell brycen that im so proud of him!! we just baptized a girl about his same age! we are just waiting for her mom now, and her husband still doesnt want to get married!

We did find some great people this week though! we found a family of 5 that has a baptismal date! they are going to get the papers for marrige tomorrow! We also had an awesome experience! My comp. found a guy that was really prepared to hear our message before i got here! but he stopped by the 2nd time and his wife got really mad and tore up the book we gave him! she said she did not want to ever see us again! it was kind of sad, becuase he was so prepared to hear our message! the other day we were walking down the street and we felt like we should stop by for a visit! we knocked on the door and he answered it, and it turns out the the wife had passed away just 3 days earlier! we had an awesome lesson about the plan of salvation and he was very comforted by the spirit! it was a huge miracle! not that she passed away, but that we had the opportunity to teach him and that we was ready to listen! soooo cool!

Well i dont have much time left, but to answer a few questions we do have good things to eat here! we have a mcdonalds and a burger king! haha but the traditional argentine food it way better! it is cold here, but my winter stuff is keeping me warm! And it is really different from my last area! im sending pics so you will be able to see how it is! well i love you all lots and thanks for all the support!!

Elder Taysom

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