Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey everyone!
How are you guys liking summer break!! I wish you could send me a little bit of heat! haha. Things sound like they are going good! Dads email was so funny because he said mom spent all week looking for a rock worth a lot of money, and i thought she was looking for a new wedding ring!! haha. you will have to let me know if tan gets the job or not! 

This week was an ok week for us! we started off finding a lot of really prepared people and having a lot of really good lessons! but by the end of the week we didnt and it was a little complicated! we couldnt get in touch with alot of them and none came to church! it was good to start off the week good, but now we need to finish good! Carlos ( the guy that had his wife pass away) is doing good! he told his boss that he cant work on sundays because he needs to come to church, and his boss agreed, but at the last second they needed him to work, so he didnt come! But we found a guy this week that is really prepared! he had a couple of people in his dance class that were members of the church. this was about 5 or 6 years ago! Luckily they where courageous and gave him a book of mormon at the end of the year! when we found him, he had already read it like 3 times and he believes that it is true! we are teaching him and he is progressing great! With that said, dont be afriad talk to people about the gospel! maybe they dont want anything, but every seed you plant can be like this guy, and when the missionaries find them, they will be prepared to hear our message!

To answer some questions, me and elder bagley are doing good! my favorite food here is empanadas or the barbeque´s here they are soooooo good! our house is bad because its really old and we have 6 elders living in 2 rooms, one for study and one for sleep! but we grow close together! OH and i live with Elder Chica now!! he was my dad in the mission! haha. i heard that we can recive packages if the things inside arent ilegal and the things inside are less than 100 dollars in total! you might want to do some searching to see if that is true! well i got to go, but i love you all alot and thanks for all you prayers!

Elder taysom


It was so good!

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