Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they are going good up there! haha it is weird to see you guys in shorts and flips flops because it is cold here! haha i love all the photos of you guys! I dont think that i can send photos this week because our normal cyber shop is close today, and the internet in this new shop is really bad! but for sure next week!

This week was really good! we had the baptism of one of our investigators! it was a great experience and her mom came to the baptism and she wants to be baptized too! the only problem is that her ¨partner¨ (who is a member of the church) doesnt want to get married! we are praying that the lord will soften his heart and that she will be able to be baptized! i have seen the lord soften the hearts of some pretty sturn men in my last area and i have faith he can do it again with her ¨husband¨!

My new area is really cool! Mar del Plata is a big city, there is 3 different zones here!  Mar Del Plata North, central, and south! this last december, elder christoferson came to mar del plata to see if it is ready to make a mission! and we think in the next year or so it will become a mission! we walk a lot, but also there are buses that drive around the city, and you pay 4 pesos to get on and get off at your stop. it is alot different than trenque lauqen! we can´t use watches or rings and we can only use our camera on P-days, but it is still really nice and way more safe than buenos aries! haha! well got to go, but thanks for all the support and love, and for your payers too!!

Elder Taysom

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