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Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow this past week a lot has happened! I have been transfered to Mar Del Plata! it is so crazy! i got here about 730 in the morning and the difference is so crazy! it is a huge city, and our house is one of the worst houses in the mision! haha how funny that i went from the best to the worst! haha we cant flush the toilet paper here and there is 6 of us in one house! i didnt find my camera, but im going to buy a new one and ill send you pics next week! the internet is way better here and i can send things basicaly just as fast as there in the US!

It was so sweet when i left Trenque Lauqen! we had a big party and then they all came to the terminal when i left! they all wrote me cards and gave me gifts, it was really sweet of them! it turns out that our area got closed! there was 6 missionaries in the same branch, so they closed our areĆ  and now there are only 4 which is a way better use of missionaries! we thought that this might happen last transfer, but it happened this transfer!
Me and my new comp. have some good new investigators, and we are trying to prepare one for baptism this saturday! My comps. name is Elder Bagley! he is from Boise idaho! he is a big guy and he is really funny! i dont know him that well, but from what i have seen he is a good hard worker and i think we are going to work well together! our area is Monolito 1 and we have one of the best wards in the mission! 
Oh and my ortho went fine! i have a new bottom retainer and he formed it to fit in my plastiv retainer! it was 300 pesos in total! that is like 40 bucks! Well that was my week, if you want to look it up on google maps just type in mar del plata, monolito. I love you all soooo much and miss you to!!

Elder Taysom

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