Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hey everyone!

All seems well from what i saw in skype the other day! sorry for writing late, today we had a meeting, but they let us write the fam after, so that is why im writing late! the family looks heathly and looks like everyone is doing well, and it was a blast talking to oyu guys. the guy with the knives is the member and he is a great guy, and really funny.

This week was alright, but sadly we had to pospone the baptism of Mauricio because he showed up late to church and the bishop doesnt like us to baptize people unless it is announced in sacrament meeting, but next week for sure he will enter in the waters of baptism! we hope to be help even more people gain salvation this next month. we have some good plans and are very excited to serve with all our hearts! i love doing the work of the lord as he would do it if he were here in argentina! there is nothing better than being a missionary, and one will never experience such joy as one does bringing souls to salvation!

Oh and my package got here this week! thanks for the football and treats! i was a little confused because in moms letter that was in the package it said she sent mac and cheese, but there was no mac and cheese in it! haha i think the argentines robbed me! haha but thanks for everything, and if you see sam tennys mom, tell here thanks too, she sent me a letter! well i love you all and thanks for the prayers and love!! 

Love Elder Taysom

Ps sorry i forgot my camera! 

Pictures mom took of Car skyping on Christmas......He seemed happy and  hot (it was 100 degrees there in Bahia Blanca that day!) and definitely had a very strange and funny accent!

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