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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hey everyone!

How are you all! it is crazy to think that it is already christmas! the time passes to fast and everyone looks so much bigger and older now! it was nice to see the pics of the family chirstmas party! and the woman that wrote dad is one on my converts! she is the mom of that family that was baptized about a month ago! 

this week was good! we work a lot outside of our area and were able to have the christmas party too! the card mom wrote did come in time! haha and we also had a sucessful week here in my area too! seven people came to chruch and a miricle happend! a guy showed up to church, and said he was going to church in another area and just moved to our area. we invited him to be baptized right then and there and he said yes! he is a great guy and very prepared! it is sweet to see how the lord prepares people for is servents to teach! we have seen many prepared souls in my area, and it is the best!

I think it would be best if we skype at 5 my time. not sure what time it is there, but maybe like 1 or so! you will have to check! ill save some stories to tell you guys on christmas!! well i have to go, but just know i love you all and can feel your love! we will talk more on christmas!! love you all

Elder Taysom

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