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Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey everyone!

Everyone looks so happy in the thanksgiving picks! thanks for not sending pics of the food! i might have eaten the computer screen! haha but everyone looks so much bigger now! it is crazy! Sad to her about JT. he was a great kid and will be missed! ill remember to pray for his fam!

This week was a good week! we almost had a baptism, in the end he will get baptised this next week! we are working quite well in the area and are finding miracles right and left! im am very grateful for the blessings we are reciving from our heavenly father! we recieve his help daily and and miracles are happening all around us! im very grateful for the time i had early in my mission to learn what i know and this past year has prepared me for all the sucess we are having now!

 I loving hearing from all the new missionaries like cam, and fez, and gage, and all the others because they are writing exactly what i wrote when i was a new missionary! they will learn and in will have a lot of success in no time!! this past sunday was so funny! a drunk guy showed up! he was really dirty so we took him to the batheroom and cleaned him up alittle! then we told him we were going to the sacrement meeting and he had to stay silent! he said ok and then we entered but he didnt even last 1 min. before he started shouting and stuff! so i lovingly and quite forcefully shoved him out of his chair and into another room! i flicked on the speakers so we could hear who was taking in the sacrament room and told the guy that God was going to talk to him! he just sat there in awe with his mouth open and started to talk/yell at the roof and have a conversation with ¨god¨ i just sat next to him and laughed at him! it was sweet well i got to go, but thanks for all your prayers and love! dont worry about me, im doing great! love you all!

Love Elder Taysom

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