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Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like life is pretty busy and cold from what i can see from the fotos! haha it is weird because it is starting to get hot here, but im hoping i can use this time to my benefit and sweat my way to a 6 pack! i quess we will have to see! 

This was another good week! we had 2 more baptisms and it was awesome! M and his daughter were baptized and it was a great service! he is a great guy! when we found him, it was from a reference of another ward! they said he went to church a lot there, but was never baptized! it turns out he likes the church a lot, but never got baptized because he wasnt married to his ¨wife¨. it happens alot here! anyways about 2 months ago his wife passed away in an accident and he stopped going to church, but we found him, taught him the wonderful plan of happiness and he is very excited to go to the temple and get sealed with his wife! i love this time and the chance to see the friuts of our work, but i always had the thought in my mind that, when i baptize every week, i will feel so content! Luckily the lord has blessed me to feel as he feels! every baptisms that we have is great, but there are thousands that still havent entered into this great convenio with god! and i feel there is still so much work to do!!

we did have a funny experience in the baptism! the daughter of M, who is 9, when she first touch the water with her foot, said it was cold and maybe she didnt want to get baptized anymore, but she walked in a little futher and found out it was warm under the surface! after she was baptized she started to follow the member up the stairs, but then turned around and did a cannon ball into the baptismal font and started to swim around! hahahaha it was so funny because the member went back in after her and got her to start waking out again, when she said, ¨WAIT¨.. the member moved out of the way thinking she forgot something in the font, and when she got past him, she jump in again and started swimming! hahaha it was the best! anyway i got to go but thanks for everything you guys do for me, and it seems to me that packages come in faster if they are wrapped in tape and have the pope and virgin mary all over them!! love you all!!

Love Elder Taysom

Photos: of the baptism and me eating at an all you can eat buffet!

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