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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey everyone!

Well i totally forgot about halloween, but i love all the pics that i got! it all looks so festive! in argentina they dont celebrate it so i spaced on it! haha, but dals eyes do look pretty creepy! so guess what, i have been transfered again! im in bahia blanca in the maldonado ward! my comp. is from ecuador and he is a great guy! we are excited to baptize alot and help people come unto cristo!!

This past week was good, but we didnt get to work that much in my area! my comp had to do his document papers, and i went on divisons to try to help some sisters who have been struggling in there areas a little! but we still did get some good work done, and we saw a great miracle! we were walking down the steet and some lady flagged us down from in here house and ran outside to us! she told us that she had spoken to missionaies before in another area and that she wanted to go to church and get baptized, but didnt know where to find the missionaries, until we walked past her house and she found us! it was just a great example of how sacrifice brings forth the blessing of heaven! and even if we cant be in our area, the lord will bless us with prepared people if we are obedient!

so ya that was my week! sorry i cant send photos because i forgot my camera, but i will send more photos next week! i sure hope all is well at home and just know im doing well here! the lord is helping us everyday and we see miricles daily! love you all and thanks for all you prayers and love!

Love Elder Taysom

An excerpt from an email sent to the fam the same day:

Mom and dad! hey so i have like 2 min, but just know i love you lots and ill save time so you dont have to wonder! this transfer i was called to serve as a zone leader. it is a great responsibility and im happy for this opportunity! thanks for all the gospel principles that you taught me as a child! they helped me be the missionary i am today! i love you and thanks for everything!

Love car

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