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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey everyone!

sounds like life is as busy as ever and that things are going well! its funny to think that our little family now covers 3 contenents! haha im sure the time of season there is really nice right now too! and almost thanksgiving! i will envy your turkey and roast ham dinner! haha

This week was an awesome week! my first week in the area and we are teaching a lot of people! we have a family that is going to get baptized this weekend and they are excited! well 2 kids are already baptized and the mom and dad and daughter are getting baptized this week! we have seen some great miracels in this area and hope to see many more in the weeks that come! the lord blesses missionaies and wants all his children to return to live with him! i have the great blessing of seeing and helping his children come back! i love it!

My new comp. is elder Ramírez, and he is from ecuador! he is the best and has about the same time in the mission as me! he is a hard worker and loves the gosple! he is a convert of about 2 years and its wierd because he is 25 and im 19, but we get along quite well! haha and i love being in the city of bahia! it is pretty sweet! its pretty close to a beach! well i got to go, but thanks for everything you guys do for me and for all your love and prayers! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

An excerpt from an email sent to dad this week:

 As a missionary i have one of the greatest blessing in the world, and i have become so grateful for the chance to serve and there is one reason in particular. it is that i have the chance to see the gospel change people, and change families! i have never seen anything like it but the way people change through the gospel is somthing i am so grateful for! i have seen people sob and weep because they feel no way out of the difficulties of life, and in a matter of days weep tears of joy and gratitude for the chance god gave them to hear our message! i feel it is something i took for granted before my mission, and didnt really realize the role the gospel has in a family, but i have never been so grateful for the gospel in terms of how it can bless a family!

we are teaching this woman named L who has a family that one could say is dysfunctional haha, when we first came there was not a single second that someone was not yelling at someone else. ( i did kind of feel at home a little bit) haha, but i have seen this family change, thourgh the gospel, and there is a spirit in that home that was not there before, and this family has seen it too, and because of the change the gospel has made for their family, this sunday, they have made the decision to enter into the waters of baptism so they, one day can recieve a fullness of joy by entering in the temple! i would say that there is nothing i am so grateful for than the opportunity i had to be rasied in a family that teaches gospel principles! i will never be able to thank my father in heaven enough! and i am grateful for the chance i have to share it with others too!! 

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