Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey evreyone,

Things sound like they are going good up there! it is wierd to see everyone in sweaters and jackets and stuff! it is hot here, but not as hot as my last summer here! this area seems to be quite a bit cooler!

This week was a good week and we had 9 people come to church, but we were expecting a little bit more. all in all we are excited to see some great progress in the area and we should see alot more souls come unto christ thourgh baptisms here in the next couple weeks! we have had some great spiritual moments in this past week and taught a lot of great families, and i was really excited because i was able to see one of my converts go to the temple and baptisms for the dead for his grandparents and greatgrandparents! it is the best feeling ever!!! i never thought i would have so much joy in my mission, but the lord blesses us for our labors!

And great news!!!! my package came!!!! the one from november that you sent! i havent got open it yet because i just got it this morning! but im excited for it!!!! also we should plan when we are going to skype! send my info on when you guys want to do it and next monday ill set a time we can skype! well im trying to thing of some funny stories that happend this past week but i cant think of any. basically talking with drunk guys happens alot, so it not really funny anymore, it just argentina! hahahah but just know i love you all and pray for you too!!

Love car

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