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Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey everyone!

Wow i cant beleive its 2015. how time fly´s!!! well you all look good and healthy and im glad the taysom family took home the trophy from the b ball game this year! the imlay´s must have been pretty tired or sick of something because we probably should not have won. but im sure you guys worked hard and im proud of the fam! hahaaha 

This week was good! for new years all of argentina set off fireworks basically the whole night, and it was sweet! news years day when we went out to work there was basically no one in the streets, but we set out with faith that we were going to find someone prepared to hear our message. worked hard the whole morning and no one wanted to talk. well actually they were all still drunk and didnt know what was happing in the moment! haha but right before our lunch appointment we felt we should knock on one more door, and we found joanna! she was super prepared and loved our message! she came to church yesterday and has a lot of great questions! it was awesome to see the hand of the lord working through us!

We are still working with mauricio, but he has to stop some addictions that we didnt know about, but if he can stay clean this week, he will be baptized this next week! im doing good and sitll thrilled to be here as a missionary. i will never tire of saying that being a missionary is the best thing in the world! just know i love all of you guys and i thank all of you for your prayers! and if you could all pray for mauricio that would be great too! i love all you guys!

Love Elder taysom  

My camera didnt load the pics, but next week for sure!

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