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Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey everyone

Things sound like they are getting back to normal! i didnt know that dal had a japanese brother! do i have one? haha but thats cool. you have to send mi pics of him!

This week was good and we had some good sucess in the mission and zone. we have some good new goals for 2015 and are excited! mauricio is coming along, but as of right now cant stop his addiction. we are afriad he is losing faith in himself, but only time will tell! we are teaching some real good families and we are expecting some baptisms these next couple weeks! i love helping people enter into the waters of baptism and helping them gain thier salvation! i love a quote from elder holand that i share with a lot of new missionaries. he says ¨ it is impossible to feel homesick in a baptismal font¨. i have also found out something else, that one also feelsl the most joy anyone can feel in the mission field in a baptismal font. i love being a missionary!

well just know im doing well and loving the work. this week we ran into that drunk guy that thinks god speaks to him in our church, and he wants us to talk to him again, but we told him he cant go in the chapel if he is drunk and he said ´´ its fine, ill just wait till i die then" haha it was so funny. well other than that the week was normal.just remember i love you all and keep you in my prayers. thanks for all the love and support for home.  

Love Elder Taysom

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