Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey everyone

Things sound pretty normal i guess at home. I guess im a little ticked that they kicked the team out for not going to a meeting that they didnt even know about! But other than that super happy about life in general! except the fact that my english is getting worse everytime i right, but you all will just have to forgive me!

This week went quite well, we had some great lessons and almost spent the entire week in our own area! we had like 5 people come to church and 3 have batpismal dates for this month! Norma has to quit smoking, but she is going great so far so if you guys could pray for her we would really be grateful! we are also very excited because we are going to have gerneral conferance this weekend and we are doing somthing called " white afternoon" and the whole zone is going to have a big baptismal service of all the investigators that are ready to accept this great ordanance with heavenly father. ( seriosly it is very frustrating trying to writing in english, you have no idea)!

Sorry for righting late again this week, we had a meeting today, but ya now im here! haha, This week was rather normal as far as wierd stuff happening! oh we found a rat in our house ( but the house was clean i swear) and so we tried to get it out of the house but it ran under the stove, so an elder in the house had the great idea to try to burn it with a lighter and an axe bottle! didnt work so well, but we did manage to sing a few of the rats hair before it ran out and tried to go in my room!, well i did not want that to happen so i threw the 10 pound wieght i had in my hands ( dont know why i had the weight in my hands but i did) in the landed right on the rat and killed it! i must say im quite the hunter kinda like Nefi, but anyways that was the crazy story of the week! Well i love you all alot and thanks for a the support and prayers you send my way! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

ps: the pics are from my first day in the mission, and about 2 months ago!

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