Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hey everyone,

Looks like everything is going well. Super cool that spence and quincy and zack got their mission calls. I feel so old now! things go by too fast. I dont like it but not much i can really do about it! 

This past week was good. we spent most of it in the area, but when sunday came around all the people that were going to come to church didnt come, so we left and went to go look for people. Even after like an hour of looking for someone to come to church, no one could still come. we walked back to the church and saw a guy walking in the street and we started to talk with him. One of the first things he said was " you know what, i need to be baptized now". we were pretty surprised because people dont normally say that, but turns out this guys has listened to the missionaries for years. he has read the book of mormon 4 times and D&C  2 times! he is super prepared and has been to the church like 5 or 6 times. he never got baptized because he felt he wasnt ready because he felt too prideful! i know! i couldnt believe my ears either, but for some reason now he feels ready. i would have baptized him that very day, but the bishop wouldnt let me, because he would like to announce the baptism in sacrament meeting, but really it was a very special experience and this man is super prepared! it was a great testimony builder that there is always someone the lord is preparing to hear the missionaries!

Well i dont have much time, but just know i love you all and i wish grandma a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Dal too in case i forgot. sorry for the lack of pics, for some reason they arent downloading. Well i love you all and thanks for all the prayers and support from your end in the great white north!!!!

Love Elder Taysom

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