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Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey everyone,

That is so sweet that dad hung out with eric weddle!!! Man i would have liked to be there. but not more than here! And im glad to hear that the church ball team is still holding up! 

This week was good! We are starting to see some real growth in the area now which is great!! we had 5 people come to church which is good and one was a great miracle! we got a reference from a member in our ward that said a guy came up to him and asked him if he knew the mormon missionaries. he said yes, and the guys told him to send them to his house as soon as he could. so we stopped buy that night and found him! his name is carlos and the first thing he said to us was " you know, i am a mormon" and we were like "oh how long ago did you get baptized?" and he said, oh i havent been baptized yet, but ive been to church many times and believe in everything and i love it! then he showed us all the books he has from the church and explained that he wants us to keep stopping by to teach his whole family! and he came to church yesterday! he is one of the most prepared men that i have found, and it was a huge miracle, and something similar happened last week so the lord is really blessing us which is great! we should be able to bring some great people to the waters of baptism here in the next couple of weeks!

Um ya so to answer some questions, ya it is starting to cool down finally so we are stoked for winter. the zone was doing quite well, we broke the record for baptisms last month which was great, but this month we got left without many investigators so we are kind of behind, but we should be able to see  a lot of the lords children return to the straight and narrow this weekend! we´ll have to see how it goes! well i love you all! thanks for everything and your prayers!! love you

Love Elder Taysom

ps. the pics are of a service that we did, and playing some sting-pong!

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