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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey everyone,

So ya everything sound like it is going swell. I sure hope grandma gets better from that little accident, haha its funny because i was for sure dallin was going to be the one to have an accident that day, haha but grandma took the heat for him i guess. i sure hope she starts feeling better. 

This week was ok. Unfortunately most of it was spent in the hospital with sick sister missionaries, and even today we were in the hospital so thats why im writng late. it is kind of putting a damper on the missionary work in our area, but we are hoping that this week we will be able to get a little bit more done in the area! we had some people come to church this past week and Fernando is the closest person to be baptized, if we can get him to shut his mouth a little bit! haha but really i have never met a person that talks more than him in all my life. we could use some prayers for him so he can open his heart more and listen to what we have to say.

But ya this last week pretty normal. my comp. is a sinner!!! well he had to carry a sister missionary because she had a panic attack and had fainted! it was funny because he said after that she was heavier than he thought!! luckliy she was still out of it so she didnt hear him! hahaha ya but me and elder Bradford are doing great. i have never been in a companionship that meshes so well, and we get to stay together for at least another transfer! i didnt get transfered! so all is well! well i love you guys and thanks for all you do and for your love and support! love you all

Love Elder Taysom

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