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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey everyone,

What a great Easter weekend we just had right? The family is looking good and heathly and it looks like perfect wether! its starting to get kind of cold here, but during to day it is perfect.

Wow the conference was awesome right. I watched it is spanish because i like to focas on what they are saying, in english i find is easy to day dream about past talks and things like that! it was so cool, i tried to narrow down my favorite talk, but couldn`t! i loved them all! they were really focused on 2 things! Families, and Jesus Christ, his attonment, life, death and resureccion! it was great! i didnt get to see the priesthood session, but we are now downloading it and are going to watch it today!

We also had the baptisms of Norma and Sara! thanks so much for praying for them and supporting them! it was a very nice baptism! it seemed at one point that evey power of earth and hell combined to try to stop the baptims , but all went well! both the people we had assigned to give talks told us they couldn`t at the last minute, and no one wanted to stay to preside over the baptism. the members are great here, but dont quite understand the importance of baptism of supporting investigators who are getting baptized, but we are tying to help them! the other elders in our ward also baptized a person too so it turned out great!

To anwser some questions, yes they do sell huge chocolate eggs here, not like huge, but like 5 lbs eggs made of chocolate, i didnt buy any because they are pretty expensive! the mission is doing good! we have had a new vision these last couple of months in the mission. before we were really focused on member lessons, and teaching with the spirit, and getting people to church. those are all great things and we still do them, but now we are completly focused on Baptizing, Retaining, and Reactivating, we focus on teaching with the end goal in mind of baptism, not just taking them to church and bettering their lives! and we have seen some huge changes. we went from baptizing like 50 people a month to over 100 per month and now we are getting close to 150! we have seen great blessing and i have seen them personally in the lives of my investigators, and mine as well! well i love you all so much, just know im doing well and heathly! thanks for all the prayers and love you send my way! 

Love elder Taysom

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