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Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey everyone,

Wow st. george looks like the weather is perfect! it´s starting to get a little chilly here. and last thursday we drank hot chocolate and listened to christmas hymns because it feels like chirstmas!! hahaha and i didnt think my english was that bad dal, but then i re-read my last letter i sent and i guess you have a piont.

Well as you know there were transfers i got transfered to Santa Rosa which is in the pampa! the pampa is a different "State" ( here they say province). i have now served in 3 of the 
4 corners of the mission, and i was actually in the most south part doing divisions once so now i know the 4 poles of the mission! my new comps. name is elder shephard, he is from california and he seems like a cool guy! this is his last transfer so we are going to hit the streets hard and have some success!

Im going to miss my old comp. and area for sure though, it was the best and i saw many miracles while serving there! but i had time at least to say good bye to my converts and some of the members here! i told them that i would come back to visit when i have the money, so we will have to see how that goes! but im excited to be here. i know there are many people here for us to teach and the lord is preparing them. i feel the lord will help us even more in this new area than he did my last ( which was alot), and i know the lord will establish his church thourgh us!

Another funny thing that happened was i was returning from a different city this last week because we were doing divisions. my comp. and the 2 other elders were supposed to be there to pick me up when i got of the bus about 10 blocks from the house. when i got off i only saw a drunk guy with no shoes on and a wine bottle in his hand and 2 other guys huddled together in another corner. so i decided it wasnt the best idea to just hang there so i started walking towards the house thinking i would meet up with the elders who were running a little late. i got about a block and noticed the drunk guy and the other two were following me. then the drunk guy started yelling at me that he was going to rob me and kill me and other stuff. then he thew the wine bottle and it crashed about 20 feet away. i was alittle frightend but i figured if he caught up to me i would just hit him with all my strength and take off running as fast as i could. he caught up about 1/2 a block away form me and then i saw a taxi. i waved it down and hopped in, but just as we were leaving i saw the drunk guy and the other two running to the taxi waving there arms and saying" Elder taysom, its us". hahahahahaha turns out that it was the elders the whole time who dressed up like thieves to come get me! i was pretty freaked out, but it was so funny! well thats all folks. i love you all alot and am thankful for your prayers and love!

Love Elder Taysom  

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