Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey everyone,
Sounds like all is safe and sound back at home. that is way cool that dal won a belt buckle! and im guessing  the weather there is perfect right? it is starting to get quite cool here, and it didnt help that we had a little bit of an ash cloud over the city. nothing serious, it looked just like fog.
This week was pretty nice. we had 4 people come to church and we announced the baptism of Roxana and Omar. they are really good people and are really excited to get baptized! we are working a lot better with the members in the ward too. Missionary work always is better when the members and missionaries work together, but sometimes the members forget that, so we have been trying to help them understand the importance of working together. It has been working well so we are very excited with the growth we have seen in just one week!
Me and my new comp get along well. He is form Fresno California and is a real good guy. We live in an apartment building and the area is really nice. The people are very receptive to the message we have. Oh, and Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! love you alot and hope you spend it well. i want to hear all about it! im not sure yet when we will be able to skype, but ill let you know next week! oh and if you could send like 10 pictures of our hunting trips that would be perfect! the people here really like to hunt and they want to see pictures of us hunting! well i love you all alot and thanks for all the letters and love and support you send my way! love you all!
Love Elder Taysom

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