Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey everyone,
Wow it is crazy to think that graduation is already here. i cant believe how time flys! but glad to hear that everyone is doing well and still kicking! im excited to hear how the trek will turn out and all the fun stuff people have planned for summer!
This week was really great! we had the temple dedacation of the cordoba temple and it was so cool! elder Christopherson came and he spoke is spanish the whole time. it is was cool because he served in the argentina north mission which at the time included cordoba. Elder Utchdorf also spoke, but in enlgish and they had a translator! it was very cool and I loved a part of elder utchdorfs talk because he said the ¨ temple is a preview of what awiats faithful members after this life" i loved that becuase i thought of it like movies. the preview are sweet and get us excited to see the real movie, but when we see the real movie it is way better than the previews. It is nice to think that what awaits us after this life is better than the most spiritual and peaceful place you can find in this life. it was a great experience!
To answer some questions, andres is doing great and is excited to get baptized! Im doing well and havent be sick is like years which is great! and yes my camera is still in gerneral pico so i will do my best to get you guys pics as soon as i can! i love you all and wish you all the best! thanks for all your love and support!!!
Love Elder Taysom

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