Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey everyone
it was great to talk to you guys yesterday! sounds like everything is going well and everyone looks way older than when i last saw them! ( i mean the cousins, the adults look about the same) haha.
This past week was good. i spent most of it in a city called general pico. it was a good time! Anders is doing well and is still attending seminary which is great and is planning on being baptized the 24th of this month which is going to be great! the church attendance is really up as well, and we had about 75 people come to church last sunday! we are pretty excited about the temple dedication as well and everyone is getting ready for it!
Well these days are always the hardest to write because we just spoke yesterday, but to answer some questions, our area is great, is kind of poor, but everyone lives in nice houses the the government gave out, and for some reason televisions i guess are in the "need category" because i have been in many houses that have huge plasma T.V.´s but dont even have enough seats in the house for every member of the family, which is kind of funny, but our area is great! and Many missionaries here get the big packages from the us, but if you just want to send an envelope that also gets in easily as well! well you will have to forgive me for not sending pics, i left my camera in General pico but i should get it tomorrow! And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM AND GRANDMAS´!!! Love you all and thanks for all your support and prayersÂȘ
Love Elder Taysom

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